2014 Photo Tagging Competition

How about

A photo game of tag a good reason to get out riding as near or as far as you want

( stolen from another old forumbtw )

You ride to a point that has a interesting and identifiable photo opportunity ( not just fourth cats eye on the a24 scenario)

Take a Picture with your bike in view with said structure etc as well …( so please you offroaders note so that it is accessible to all types of bike~) and not in restricted areas !!!

The location in photo may not be easily guessable and you can give clues however hard or cryptic

The person who then gets to the location first and posts a picture Then must within 24hrs Post a new destination (uk based only) picture for us to get too …as near or as far as they wish … but try to realize not all are willing to travel hundreds of miles so it may take some time

For Example my previous ones took me from this to this in one day Location Link

to here

yes in the same day ( I lived in west wales then also leaving a 5am in the morning )

And these have to be recent photos NOT ones you have have in prior use oh and if you feel the need to cheat using photoshop then is there anypoint playing the game

To Begin

you don’t need the same view point btw

Check yer coolant Tim, looks like you leaked a bit while you were indoors.:wink:

Nice idea, give us a clue.:ermm:

Looks like Guys main entrance car park. What do I win?

the prize for not reading the first post !

coolant I wish … more likely fuel

hmm clue (may be a bit late ) but here goes anyway…

No Girls allowed …