2012 Ducati Superbike

no, not that crappy one that MCN has, but a clearer one with loads more detail :smiley:


All that [red] gaffer tape and his body posture make it look like he’s just binned it :smiley:

thats not gaffer tape but an official ducati accesorie aka dicatape :smiley:

do you know how much that Ducati gaffer tape costs!

I’m sort of liking it. Maybe a little small, but so is the competition. Be interesting to see what it’s like on the track.

my back aches just looking at it

something small with a bollock load of power = fun times!


Build a V4 already…Well one cheaper than 40k :smiley:

interesting rear suspension mounting

Yeah, like the new ZX10R.

or the old versys,er6 :stuck_out_tongue: