2010 Kawasaki ZZR1400 - DA10 XGO

Nicked from Clapham Common last night. Ironically, I was in my mate’s bar around the corner helping him get his CCTV system up and running again after someone hacked it. Would’ve been nice to have had working camera coverage of where it was nicked from.


that sucks, not a million miles from me I’ll keep an eye out

What security did they get through? I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

What security did they get through? I'll keep my eyes peeled. TheMonkey27

It had its engine immobiliser, steering lock, and a disc lock. Nothing to anchor it to, unfortunately, but given how familiar I am with the place, I didn’t see that being a problem there. Learned that lesson, didn’t I? :( Can’t see it having been a bunch of dickhead kids making off with it, so I reckon it’s on its way to get chopped up for parts.

Even more frustratingly, it was getting upgraded to a Datatool S4 Red immobiliser and alarm next month. That alarm would’ve been sodding handy.