2009 Suzuki Gladius 650 Feeler

I have a 2009 Suzuki Gladius that I’m thinking about selling. Absolutely fantastic bike, but I am itching to get back into something air cooled like a Harley or Triumph. Its got a lot of extras (don’t all bikes?) but its a nice setup.

The Good:
-Black Round 7 inch Headlight (with Sylvania ultra white light)

-Puig flyscreen

-Puig Crash Bobbins

-Round bar end mirrors

-Datatool Red S4 Alarm/immobilizer


-Renthal Ultralow Bars

-Vinyl wrapped front  fender

-Heated Grips

  • Have all stock/original parts

-Stock exhaust and Beowulf exhaust come with the bike, right now just running a straight pipe out of the cat

-Second owner, 23,xxx miles, well sorted and taken care of.

The Bad

-will need a new front brake and chain setup soon

-minor nicks and scrapes. was knocked over once by a delivery driver but only fell on the slider, so no harm there.

Thinking somewhere in the ballpark of 3,000 pounds, but will be hoping for the odd trade. This is really just a feeler since I actually love the bike, but really miss my Harley back home (I’m American, thus the desire to find an air cooled motor)


Pictures to follow shortly…

Bump for pictures!

that screen improves the look of it no end

Just wanted to bump this very old post as I’ve got to sell the bike (moving back to the US)! I’ll create a proper ad or edit this when I have some more time, but I’m going to pop it up for £1,500. Bike currently has a pleated seat, comes with all the same stuff (top box, locks, etc) and has about 27,000 miles on it. Let me know if you guys think the prices is way off. Thanks!

that’s a great cheap way to avoid the ULEZ for someone (I guess it’s euro3?)