2009 R6 Colour Scheme

Was just checking out what Yamaha are doing with the R6 for 2009.

Looks like they’ve reversed the brilliant looking white & red 08 bike and made the 09 red & white! :w00t::w00t: Im liking the 2009 colour scheme!!

2008 Model

2009 Model

That looks cool. :cool:

I prefer the black seat, too.

I prefer the 2009 colour scheme


2008 for me.

I’m sorry but it has to be the 08 colour scheme … the red on the front makes the bike look abit taller … or is that just me :slight_smile:

I think they are both a bit gay!!

Get a Gixer!!! :P:D:P:D;)


boooooooo gixxa…booooooooooooo


So in an original step never before taken by motorbike manufacturers, Yamaha have decided to offer the red and white colour scheme, or in a shock move that has the motorbiking world stunned with the originality and audacity… the completely unthought-of-before colour scheme of… red and white…

gosh, this was worth a whole ten seconds of my life… got any more stories, like … if you watch paint… it dries… ?