2009 R1

I am sure u all know the new 2009 R1 was unveiled in Nevada USA on the 8th of sept. Here is a summary of what is new on the 2009 R1 compare the 2008 R1

External Looks

  1. The High beam headlight’s function has been merged into the typical (low beam) main headlight. Hence instead of the typical six lamps configuration, we now have four. 2 Sidelights and 2 Main lights (Note: the 2 lights closer together)

2.In place of the old High beam lamps is inserted the Air vents for the air box. As a consequence the light console loses it lens and the main lamp sticks out more pronuncely or noticeably. As a result, the 2009 r1 have a tidyer and sharper look than the (less popular with me) 2008 model.

  1. The side cowls are layered, preservering and leveraging the hot air venting introduced on the 2007 R1. More interesting, is that the cowls are bigger and cover more of the engine components than the 2004 - 8 R1s. A concern is whether fitting crash bungs will involve cutting holes in the cowls?

  2. Front suspension [KYB Inverted Forks] are now fully adjustable, involving seperate adjustment channels. That is each side responsible for specific type of adjustment. The right fork legs controls rebound and the left controls compression. The rear suspension is a revised version of the shocks on the 2008 bike.

  3. The 2009 R1 comes with adjustable rearsets which can be raised 15mm but sets further back by 3mm.

  4. Electronic steering dampers replace the traditional hydraulic (Hysteresis) dampers.

  5. Gear position indicators is incoporated into the speedo dashboard.

  6. On the handle bars you will discover the new D-mode throttle control switch. Similar to the A-B-C engine mapping switch introduced on the Gixer. On the 2009, it is offered as (a) Standard- for optimised mapping ideal for street riding. (b) A-mode - for enhanced low to mid range mapping for race or track riding. © B-mode - for softer throttle response. Ideally for wet condition riding and less experienced riders.

  7. Underseat pipes remain (HOOORAY !). To address the issue of heating your nuts at traffic lights, the exhaust pipes have been routed under the engine and slightly behind the seating position of the rider. But this may still remain a problem for your pillion. The howl of this exhaust is awesome.

  8. New Delta box to further improve mass centralisation

  9. New swing arm which gives the appearance that the rear tyre is sticking out beyond the tip of the rear light assembly.

  10. Bigger 190/55 rear tyre on Alluminium 5 spoke wheels. My only qualms with this is that it comes with dunlop boots.

  11. Noticeably bigger rear brake disk


  1. Forged Aluminium pistons with 1.4mm shorter strokes.

  2. A more compact and smaller engine

  3. Two injectors. A main injector with 12 pores for normal (low to top mid range) RPMs and a secondary injector for better high RPM running.

  4. MotoGP Crossplane Crankshaft. This reduces lag in crankshaft inertia torque so that combustion torque is felt as a more linear effect at the rear wheel. In simple terms, the effect of twisting the throttle is instantly felt in the back wheels.

On the whole, the 2009 has a wet (kerb) weight of 209kg. This a way of hiding the fact that the 2009 R1 is heavier than the 2008 R1 which has a dry weight of 168kg. I doubt that engine oil, engine coolant, brake oil and suspension oils will amount to 41kg of weight gain.

I heard that they’ve made the engine a big bang engine -for the racing

Yes, that’s the biggest thing about the new model really.

Remember to add a full tank of gas.

We used a set of corner scales to weigh some bikes at Cadwell a few years ago. All the jap bikes weighed in at a least 30kg over the book weight.

30kg over book weight seems reasonable. That would put the 2008 R1 at around 198kg wet weight, therefore the 2009 R1 has gained 10kg in weight (fat boy eh!).

shame it looks like a polished turd tho :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s making the assumption that the claimed dry weight for the 08 model was true.The new machine may weigh a bit more, I bet it’s not as overweight as most of the guys who ride 'em though!

:laugh::hehe::laugh:So true