2009 59 Aprilia RS 125 For Sale - Full Power

Hey Guys,

So a mate of mine used to own this bike, he got caught doing 140 in his bosses car and so he has been banned from driving. Hes one of my good mates and had to borrow some cash off me earlier in the year and so has given me the bike to pay off the debt. I have ridden it for the last week and a half evey couple of days and had planned on keeping it as a commuter but its far to small for me and its not comfortable.

So for this reason its up for sale.

The condition is good, there is a small crack on the right top fiairng (1 inch approx) where it got knocked over in a parking bay in central london, there seems to be no other marks at all.

The bike seems to run well, takes a while to warm up which is normal for one of these engines, its suprising quick and get to 70 no probs and im lead to believe it will do 90mph.

It has some paperwork and has had some work done to it to the engine after about 4500 miles, it has just under 7,000 miles on, all services carried out at Metropolis or Southern cross.

THIS IS NOT MY BIKE - i seriously look after my bikes, and when i sell something i like to know its history, with this i dont really, and so its sold as seen and the price reflects this.

This is a tidy bike and gets alot of people saying “is that a 125?” Its to small for me to communte on and so i have decided it has to go.

Im only looking for 2k, there on ebay for 2.5 ish and some crashed are on there for 16 - 1800.

I will add photos later, and it will be on ebay tomorrow!

PM if interested.

NB - i looked at the crack this morning and its about 3 in’s long not 1, but not very noticable at all.





just been offered £1800 from a dealer, anyone wanna match it/better it?