2008 Suzuki SV650s

Good Evening all. I am hoping for a little advice from those in the new. I have recently taken up biking and have just finished the first day of my 4-day DAS (in the rain!!! the expensive waterproofs worth worth every penny!). Anyway, really loved the day a can’t wait to progress over the next three days.

To my question; before I started the course, two oc my pals went off to afganistan tours and I was gifted the opportunity to buy either a 2008 Suzuki SV650s(black/full fairing), or a 2007 Ninja 600…both with under 20k and for around the £2k Mark. I loved the look off both bikes, but having read positive comment after positive comment for the SV650 as a good first ‘big’ bike, I opted for the Suzuki. My fear is that both the 125cc and the 2010 Yamaha XJ600 I’ve been learning on are far more upright (riding position) than the SVs I have in the garage. I’m pretty confident on a bike but am keen to know how others have found an early transition to a more forward riding position from the typical learner uprights.

All comments massively appreciated.

Cheers, Matt

Don’t be scared of the riding position. It actually is very comfortable. Also, if your planning to go for a sports bike one day your half way there. Enjoy every moment.

BUT and a big ‘but’… I have to tell you off for not buying both! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding. Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Sv all the way rode it as my first bike after doing das then put 30,000 miles on it in 3 years. My gsxr is harder ony wrists but you get use to it.

SV’s rock (but then i would say that).

After no time at all you’ll be use to the riding position, wouldnt give it a moments thought mate ; )

You will get used to the riding position pretty quickly. Good choice on the SV, it’s a cracking bike and i would love to have my old one back as a second bike.

Welcome to LB and hope to meet you soon at one of the regular meets.

The SV’s a great bike :wink: