2008, I know it aint over yet. But...

I’ve just been looking on youtube for the BCR vid in the wet for someone on another site who was asking about riding in the wet. I found the other vids of this years glorious BCR’s and have been reliving those mornings:

Even the wet ones! (if you FF to 3mins 23secs):

Met some fab people

What a year its been, took the kids fishing for the first time.

Fixing That Bike!

My sons first day a BIG school.

Playing in the woods.

I feel good, this is a happy thread, only add happy stuff to it!:slight_smile:








Yes George it has been a great year even if we havent had much of a summer :smiley:

Cant wait till cadwell cause that will top everything off, yuo should bring the riot along :D:D

well teh year started well…got worse progressively…

but im sure some things wil brighten up!

george, glad you got teh kids fishing mate, its teh one!! i may have some of my old gear laying around, i’ll see what i have got;)

for me my (2) highlight(s) of this year…are…My first KD…and my spanish catfish…:D:D



Sneaky great post! I too have had a cracking year so far…

I moved back from working for a year in Oz, passed my DAS test, have done 8,000 miles, got over to the TT and to France and even did my first track day at rockingham. I am enjoying having a “normal” relationship with the missus (instead of one with me commuting thousands of miles every month to see her) and am throughly loving london.

Biking has been the highlight though its kept me sane through some crap times with work this year and meeting a load of sound peeps on the BCR, then meeting a load of other people up at the Ace its been an awesome experience!!

Its amazing how quick the year has gone though, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not - i guess the old cliche of time flies when you are having fun is applicable - I hope it continues through the winter! :smiley:

Aaah, the delights of Photoshop!? :wink:

PISH OFF…i dont cheat…:wink:

:smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: why bother when i can do either no probs! hehehe:D

Nice post SneakyMc - cheered me up on this grey morning! :):):slight_smile:

Ratty - what happened to the catfish - did you chuck it back in? :slight_smile:

more walked it out… up to my neck in water supporting it until it decided it had the energy to swim off…

by law your supposed to kill them…i couldnt kill a fish like that.or anyfish…unless it sa live or dead bait!:smiley:

Nice one Ratty! He must be an old Catfish to get that big! (You gotta have respect for an old timer like that! :slight_smile:

Would “chuck it” infer that you have to lift it!!!:hehe: I tell you what Ratty, you’d need a heck of a lot of bread crumbs to coat that sucka! I bet you still ordered chips wi’it too didnt you!:cool: