2008 budget

Anybody know how bikes are affected?? tax gone up or down??

Bike tax has stayed the same.
I worked out that im £195.80 better off a year now., that wont cover my weekly shopping bill.

£200 a week on food!!!

You must have a big family! I spend that a month - but then again there’s only me:D

Bike tax is O.K.

It’s the booze tax that’s going to crimp me. Guess I’ll have to cut back on the food again.


(Check the food price rise index for the last 12 months… It makes the budget look like a give away.)

Bike tax HAS increased… I’ve just bought mine for 01.04.08 and it’s gone from £64.00 for 12 months to £66.00. 6 months has also increased.

Chunky’s writing in to see if he can get 5 months in future :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth be known, I’d rather have 7:D