2007 Rizla Suzuki 800cc MotoGP bike pictures...

What do you think of the new Rizla bikes???


I think they’re butt-ugly, but there’s a heck of a lot of changes in there! I’m confident for Suzuki, I think they’re much better placed now with this bike than they were with the 990. They claim 220ps (217bhp)… from an 800cc? Whooooo…

Bring it on! Of course, we already know that Hopper is ‘used’ to riding this bike, he’s been doing it for years. What do I mean? The fact that it’s all about corner speed and rev’s, and the only way to get the 990 to keep up with the rest was to do just that. He’s already trained himself to ride the bike so might just have an advantage!

I’m not crazy for the powder blue livery, to be perfectly honest…but…it is what it is…and it has grown on me…but only a bit.

Hopper has been riding the wheels off the damn thing in the pre-season…I’m holding out high hopes for him this season as it appears that Suzuki/Bridgestone may FINALLY have got it right in the GP class.

I really dislike that colour scheme, although somehow the MotoGP bikes look better than the BSB bikes in it.

Saying that, I’d love to see Vermin and Hopper doing well, and signs are, they are there abouts.

I hope Hopper recovers quickly from his recent low-earth-orbit-excursion.

That guy ought to get frequent flier miles for the number of times he’s had MASSIVE high sides…What was it…two years ago in Germany when he had like 2 or 3 truly epic highsides in one week-end?

They said that the introduction of 4 strokes and traction control would mean the end of the high-side.

They should have shouted it, Hopper couldn’t hear over the otherside of the Atlantic.

(yes, even with those ears!)