2007 R1

Saw one at the dealer today, pretty sexy let me tell ya… it’s no gixxer though

Yeah thank god…

Wonder if they’re allowing test rides…Hmmm

Definately not a patch on the GSXR1000 K7. Not a bad effort though

Dunno how you can say that since there’s been no real road or track tests yet.

I imagine the motor will still be very nice and torquey and the handling spot on, but as long as Suzuki keep using that single stack headlight, it’ll still look like a piece of 80s sh*te hit by the ugly stick multiple times in a Street Fighter 2 combo styleee

All the litres handle and perform well IMO, so the choice is on looks and Suzuki…You…You ugly

Suzuki should poach Yamaha’s bodywork design team or better yet, bribe the guys at Ducati…Then we’d still be talking

you can keep the gixxer mate, its butters

I agree with afro on this - that headlight’s bloody awful! It makes it difficult for me to want to ride it - call me shallow but I want my bike to be pretty as well as fast.

And I don’t like the back end of it much either At the NEC there were loads of black boot marks streaking the back pods where people had caught them getting on, and I did the same when I had a seat. I just know that would drive me mad whenever I got on. And yes I know I could try lifting my foot higher!

2007 GSX-R1000??? Yuck!

2007 R1??? Yaaaaawn!

I’m waiting for the 2008 Fireblade…

I’m waiting for the 10 year Anniversary R1 in 2008.

It will own you allllllll…HAR HAR HAR HARRRRR!

Actually, I’m waiting to learn how to ride my 04 properly