2007 M109-R

Just a few mods…

Vance and Hines Big Shot Exhaust


Holley air intakes

280mm rear tire


Nice one mate. Is that a bigger, or smaller rear tyre?

It’s bigger…the stocker is a 250mm.

The 280mm is the biggest tire you can put on the stock 8.5" rim. There is a conversion kit that allows a 300mm rear but it requires a larger rear rim and a new swingarm.

Like I don’t know already, but tell me anyhow; what’s the difference in handling like? :slight_smile:

The stock Dunlop 250 had a relatively flat profile…it didn’t feel very stable out on the edge. The Dunlop Elite III 280 that is on it now has a much rounder profile. It gets out on to the edge and hooks up nicely…it feels very stable in the corners. (I ride it to the maximum…no chicken strips front or rear…and many MANY ground off peg sliders to show for it. LOL)

My only complaint handling wise is a propensity to push the front sometimes…It’s sensitive to corner entry speed…carry a little too much speed into the corner and you can feel the mass and inertia of a 700 lb bike and 200 lb rider over power the available traction of the front tire.

It’s fun as hell putting all that torque to use once you hit the apex and are on the way out of the corner, though…it shakes the ground when you get on it like that. :w00t: :smiley:

Thats one of the few cruisers I actually love the look of :slight_smile:
Im liking the upgrades you have done, a sportier tyre on one of those when its centre of gravity is already really low must feel great.