2007 cbr being stolen vid

in case you were in any doubt how easy it is for a bike not chained to something to be stolenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D96QM-lzLM8(skip right to the end - several minutes of watching naff all to start with…)

Bloody hell, I was really stressing about leaving mine unchained last night in London :frowning:
My chain wasn’t quite long enough to go round the streetlamp, that or the street lamp wasn’t near enough to the curb.

i reckon that was some kind of set up/sting operation.

Nah, that was legit CCTV footage.

Sad really, hope they got the plate don’t know if that footage would have been good enough even on the original

I’ve often wondered that, with today’s digital technology, why security footage is always such poor quality:crazy:I can’t believe how brazen they were to do this stuff in broad daylight:crying:

thats made me feel quite sick now…

imagine the poor guy/girl who has to come back to see whats missing…

jesus…i hope the rot in hell…i really do…

not so smiled:angry:.

Thats it… another padlocks going on my p&j!

They waited quite a while before striking. Hope they got caught and hope its the death sentence (whereever that was!)

i mean how fast was that? a good fart could easily take longer.

that’s how quick and easy it is! Americans dont have front number plates so will only have any witness statements to go on. I have often wondered about the quality of CCTV, all that money and on some you cannot see very much. I know a local petrol station has 2 cameras watching the tills and you couldnt even tell if a person was male or female!!