2005 R6 (R46)

My local bike shop have a 2005 model but brand new Yamaha R6 with the limited edition Valentino Rossi colours (I think the model was called the R46). It is for sale for £5999 OTR, and comes with 30 months 0% interest. Is this a good price? I wouldn’t normally look for something with such an attention grabbing colour scheme as I prefer to work in stealth mode, and as I ride 20000 miles a year in all weathers, any bike I own looks like a heap of junk within 18 months anyway, so the paint scheme’s a bit of a waste.

So what do people think? Should I trade in my tired '04 600 Bandit for one? Or should I just keep the Bandit until it falls to pieces (probably another year or so). Sadly I neither have the money nor the space for both.

Sod it “J”…treat yaself…go get it !!

I like the R46 version too and first saw one for sale at JS Accessories in Birmingham for the exact same price in June 06 - I understand it is an 05 model so whoever is selling is getting a fair wack in profit IMO - A place called Harromoto is Harrow are selling one for £5839, not sure if it has the 0% as the dealer is the remnants of Colin Collins Motorcycles who shut down earlier in the year.

When I get a Supersports bike I would probably look around for unusal / special models like this…I particularly like the GSXR Anniversary Range from 2005 - There are some new one still about, but decided on an SV for a couple of years.

I don’t like the R46 version … but I do however prefer my ‘special edition’ version.

I think that’s a little expensive though … ?