2003 Kawasaki ZX-6R B1H

According to my Haynes manual I should renew the front and rear brake master cylinders on my 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R B1H at 32,000 miles and I’m just looking for some advice and recomendations.

My bike has covered approximately 28,000 miles and needs new pads and brake lines, so I thought I would just bite the bullit and re-vamp the brakes in their entirety now (excluding discs), rather than waiting until I reach the 32,000 mile mark.

Daytona have quoted me around £470 total for front and rear master cylinders. However, do manufacturers like Brembo manufacture a master cylinder for my bike that would out-perform the OEM part but for a similar price? Also, do I really need to renew the master cylinders or is Mr. Haynes talking a lot of ********?Brake pads - what to get? I was going to buy the EBC Double-H Sintered jobbies, but someone I know through work has them on his bike and he says they’re pants. Can anyone confirm or deny this statement? Any other suggestions if this is actually true?Braided brake lines - Goodridge or HEL? They seem to be the two most popular options, but is one better than the other? What should I opt for.Thanks in advance.


I think if you do exactly what haynes tells you to do you should share some of your money with me :smiley:

Just squirt a bit of brake cleaner in and you’ll be good to go. Or stop.

Change the pads and the lines and you will notice a big difference right there, for a lot less money :slight_smile: Bendix pads have quite a good reputation, but it does depend what sort of use you give it. Goodridge or HEL lines are good, no real differences I think…definitely not in a performance wayThe rear one I very much doubt would need changing, that is a lot of bunce for not a lot of gain there.

The front you could upgrade, the Brembo front radial would be about £200 new and would give a better feel (assuming you dont have radial at the moment?? correct me if I am wrong)

Or you could go for a second hand radial front master from newer bike from Ebay (prob around £100), some might fit, ask around. Give FWR a call they might be able to help… that would be a cheaper option.

I would think for £400 quid you might get a whole front end from a newer ZX6R with radial calipers…athough that is a big project :slight_smile:

Haynes advice varies from the essential to the utterly anal and unecessary - personally I can see gains in performance to a 20 thousand + plus miles bike in rebuilding the calipers and fitting braided hoses - but I can’t see any particular reason to replace the master cylinders unless there is some obvious reason to change them - like obvious deterioration or damage.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Can always rebuild the master cylinder, seals springs etc…most important on the front obviously.

Rebuild calipers, normally only the cost of a seal kit, then stick some braided hoses on.

Thanks for the advice.

Re. the master cylinders - I have just checked my owner’s manual to see what it says.

Brake master cylinder cup and dust-seal replacement every 4 years - it also suggests this for the caliper piston and caliper dust seals.Think I’ll be taking this cheaper option!