2000 Honda VFR800 - Full Touring Gear

Hi All,

I bought this bike fairly recently from Oxford and took it back with me to Belgium, intending to use it to tour and commute on. And then I realised my sign-on bonus is taxed at 62% and thus, what I thought I could afford, I really can’t. :confused: Yes… taxed at 63 fecking percent. Why the **** did I move here again?

Anyway, the low down is as follows:

2000 Honda VFR800 Pre-Vtec
31k on the clocks (just shy of this)Good tyresGreat Chain & SprocketsRecently changed oil, filter & PlugsHas recently had stainless steel downpipes fitted (£200+ new)DB ScreenGivi Top Box & Recently new Hard Panniers (£400+ new)Touring edition Scottoiler (£100+ new)Bar risers (£100+ new)HPI Clear (with certificate)Standard Exhaust fitted (not the aftermarket one shown although I could do a deal…)V5c (in my name but at my mums address in Scotland)

Tax until end of April, MOT until September 2013.

The top box has a cigarette lighter socket installed and thus allows charging on the move. The top box also has 2 additional solid LED’s installed to increase visibility (very bright)The bike has some additional LED lights installed with two switches, one set at the front and one at the rear (under the top box) These LED’s flash so should really only be used if you have broken down. It also has another switch installed which acts as hazard lights.

Now the not so good:

Right hand fairing has a slight crack on it as does front fairing - paintwork matching stickers are placed over this and it looks just fine and dandy. Paintwork is very good otherwise!!!Not much paperwork re: servicing.

I’m looking for £1700 and I can deliver to Central London. I often come back over so it’d be a case of me riding it over and then taking the Eurostar back (after the weekend).

Alternatively, come on over to Brussels, take a train to my place… I’ll put you up for a night on my sofabed, treat you to a beer and then point you in the direction of home or directions to some decent roads for touring. :stuck_out_tongue: I doubt many people would choose that option but hey, you never know. Personally, I like an adventure so maybe others do too. Plus the sun is shining this week!

If it doesn’t go for that price (it’s the price I paid for it), I will remove all extras and sell them on separately.

Obviously, a lot more photos can be taken if someone is interested.



Or £1500 with no top box, panniers, brackets, scottoiler or bar risers.

Nice exhaust, nice luggage, nice price… The seller is a good bloke as well.

I’m very tempted… Very tempted indeed!

Any service history at all? Or any idea of the servicing done by previous owners etc?

Hope the new job is going well buddy

Thanks Conrad.

That’s the thing. There isn’t much paperwork. No FSH. Otherwise it might be a little more money. But it didn’t concern me when I purchased it as I know their only real weaknesses are rectifiers and the rotten downpipes, both of which had been replaced recently. Can supply lots more photos where necessary but ideally if only for folk that are genuinely interested.