20 litre green jerry can

This is the jerry can that I used on bike track days so that I didn’t have to have the bike fully fueled up…

Well do not do track days anymore so this is now spare and taking up space in my garage so might as well go to someone who will use it… The internal coating is in good condition.


Collection from South East London call Zero79one4one2four72one

Hey £15 sounds a little steep, I don’t know if you know but - these are only £20 brand new!


Have you seen the quality of the £20 ones, the metal is thin and they rust and this is a proper military can.

If it’s anything like the original Swedish spec jerry can with the painted interior (non-flaking…! very important!), then it’s a great can no matter what it looks like on the outside. The best jerry cans have an optional seal tube nozzle which enables rapid non-spill pouring. Very important for filling a bike whose spout needs to invert over the tank.

I had my original one stolen and replaced it (foolishly) with a plastic can. The plastic can leaked the smell of petrol everywhere, enough to induce light headedness and illness. Especially during summer. So I stopped using the plastic one and bought a 10litre size. The 10litre size ones fit in my car better than the 20litre, but the 20litre is fantastic for a reserve!

Slight digressino - the Surplus & Adventure shop sell them - however be very careful with this shop. They’ve failed to supply my order or refund me after 4 months of ordering.

At least if you order it on the forum, you won’t get ripped off for postage or non-delivery!

No spout just the can, but you meet me and collect the can, inspect it till you are satisfied.

Job jobed.

Hey sorry, didn’t know you got cheaper ones that were flimsy and could rust!


Still available.