20 April KONY2012

I am lead to believe that some of the facts and figures in the Kony 2012 is bullshit video are incorrect but they are not far off.

What do you think?

I think, regardless of what people say about the business behind the programme and the fact nobody has cared before, Its a worthwhile and nessecary cause.

This is something that affects their daily lives and needs to be stopped, imagine that happened in this country to your kids, wouldn’t you want the help, whatever the reasons behind the project may be?

Its an unfortunate fact nothing in this world is free, and there will likely be a benefit to the instigator of kony 2012, however the benefits on a worldwide scale will be great too, so if he can stop this dosnt he deserve something for that? he will have earned it in my opinion.

For those that believe charity starts at home, that’s true to an extent, but were all the same at the end of the day, like the video states we don’t choose where we are born how we look etc, we are a better of country with the ability to help another 3rd world struggling company and so we should, for these reason I am on board.

The only thing that holds me back a bit is these kids have been changed forever, through brainwashing, drugs, torture and whatever means, the grow to replace their leaders. there is no going back for most of these kids. what are the plans for them?

I know people will have opposing opinions and respect them, these are just my feelings