20/12 sat Ace Cafe

Well the witch heggarty wants 2 show off her new bike so we gonna have a little posse riding shotgun 4 her so nasty cars keep away lol
anyone gonna be there around 12.30 is 2 say hello ?

possibly, was gonna head up tonite…see whos about?

im working so wont be there to see your ugly face mate

We would usually be there for lunch but unfortunately this week Mr J is on a very important present-buying mission, so don’t want to distract him from that:)

Will see u there.

I’ll pop over for a cuppa…

It’s a lovely day, be rude not too :slight_smile:

Great ride today guys, and great weather for it. Steve you realy need to work on your dance moves. :smiley:

A pleasant ride 5 days b4 xmas, just goes to show a bike is not just for the summer.

cracking day for a ride wasnt it ? oh and the joys of not waiting for ages to be served :smiley:

think that broke fiona in a treat

  1. magic roundabout hemel…check :slight_smile:

  2. M25…check :slight_smile:

  3. hanger lane…check :slight_smile:

  4. north circular…check :slight_smile:

not bad for a few weeks riding now just speed up !!!

Nice to meet up with you all again ,see you all after xmas sometime?

You forgot to mention the windy M1!

Thanks people for your patience! Especially jay on the hayabusa - one day you can teach me dance on the bike while going at 60mph!lol

Apologies for sticking to the speed limits Steve - cant afford any more points on my licence! lol (thats my excuse and im sticking to it!)

Had a great day tho - cant wait till france!:D:D