20.09.20 Rykas, Loomis and Newlands corner


3 bike meetup locations in one day!

Leave Rykas at 9 first stop Loomis for coffee and a bap then quick blast to Newlands corner.

The route:


Excellent ride guys! Thanks for joining.

Great roads although that Milk container was a pain to pass!

A few closed roads and redirections that were more suited to a supermoto than an R6 (sorry @iamfabio).

We manage to get separated 10min before Loomis but unfortunately lost @AMacEireann on the way to Newlands.

Obviously still in racing mode as @Phillip_Schofields_M could not catch up with him


Thanks for a great ride.

Good to meet some new faces!


Any photos?

Great ride, lovely weather, great company and a perfect pace.

We only managed to lose one.


I think @kylejs took some

Sorry I couldn’t make it, had my eye on the thread all week. Next time.

Great day guys! Good weather, top-notch company and a really nice route.

Both Loomis and Newlands Corner were packed. We even saw a Moto GP Ducati at Newlands Corner; not exactly a quiet bike. :grinning:


That desmo looked great!

Thanks for being the tailgunner @AdrianD!

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Thanks all. Lost the two leaders (damn milk truck) then got to A31 and no sign of anyone. Pulled over and waited a while but must have made a route choice error. No worries though - shot home on the A31 then the A3 and called into some friends on the way. Great ride as ever and my first ever experience of Loomies. Verdict: sausage and bacon bap a winner. Filter coffee a loser.


And it was only me; barely counts! :laughing:

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I saw you fly past!! Kingsley tried to catch up but you were a gonner!

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How he got away with that plate I don’t know


@AMacEireann I gave it a good few miles up the road to try and catch up with you but couldn’t find you mate, sorry about that!

Tasty Desmo. We had one down our Borough Market Meet once when they were first released. So much drool.

One turned up at the ace once on Ducati day. Absolutely filthy 30k+ on the clock and was used as a daily commuter. So many Ducati riders their were aghast. They said it should not be used like that.

The owner couldn’t give a shit. He loved the bike and it was their to be used not kept as a show piece. Really nice guy.


I think I remember that.

Second one was while we were waiting for @AMacEireann :joy:

@jay only just remembered to take pics. You’re usually that guy! Lol

Awesome time, loved hanging out and route was great fun. Great way to welcome @Phillip_Schofields_M and his awesome XSR, and @iamfabio’s first ride out too.

Fabio and I had intercoms paired and like @Panagiotis said, the route was a bit bumpy, so hearing Fabio smashing the bumps gave me a laugh over the intercom at least :joy:.

Thanks @Panagiotis for organising and leading and to @AdrianD for being gunner!


You had an absolute corker of a late summer’s day for your three dodgy cafes rideout. I had a look at the route and some of those roads are lovely.


Not bad for a ride that no-one had a clue where we were going and how to get there! :rofl: