2 quick questions about the helmets & the law

This might sound a bit stupid to many of you but I was wondering:

  1. Is it alright if I remove the gold standard ACU sticker from my Helmet? Would it be illegal or something?

  2. What happens if I’m caught riding during daylight with a dark visor? What’s the fine? Points from the licence? Have you ever experienced anything regarding this?

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Remove sticker, can’t do track days (allegedly)

Dark visor during day = nothing happens. Dark visor at night = highly unlikely anything happens, esp if it’s not down if and when you pass the police.

If you get a dark visor make sure its a good one that protects against UV . You will do more harm than good if it does not as it lets your pupils dilate and they absorb more UV rays than if you had a clear one with contracted pupils .

If it is daylight and clear most cops will not ticket you. Even ACPO guidelines recommend a ticking off rather than a ticket IIRC.

If on the other hand you appear to be endangering yourself and others, for example using a heavily tinted visor in a dark heavy rainstorm, expect to have the book thrown at you. The fixed penalty for a visor is only about £30 (don’t quote me on that as i have not checked the amount) but it will only be the starting point.

Firstly the ACU sticker is for motorsport apporoval only and has no bearing on its legality with regards to being used on the road. If you want to remove it, the crack on, the only approval required for road use is either BS6658-85 (which applies now to older helmets) or the current standard EC22/05 and in any case these standards are usually visible inside the helmet as well.

In respect of the visor, there are two issue, legal tint visor and illegal black visor.

Legal tint visor which must allow at least 50% of ambient light to pass through is perfectly legal to wear day or night, although not advisable to wear during the hours of darkness. To be a legal visor it will be stamped with BS4110 XA, YA or ZA.

Illegal black visor only allows 18% ambient light to pass through, and is illegal at anytime, although it is one of the socially accepted offences as it is more to do with safety than anything else if worn in the right conditions.

Therefore if you get a jobsworth copper day or night he could give you a ticket and in some circumstances it has been known for the copper to seize the visor as evidence, as there is the option of reporting for summons meaning a court appearance rather than a ticket.

That said, most of my former colleagues take a pragmatic view that if a black visor is being worn sensibly for the right reasons, they will let it go as many wear black visors themselves when on their own bikes, not to mention a few I know who wear them whilst on duty.

I know you asked about daytime use, but many often ask me about night time as well which is why I thought I would mention it also.

And the point I was trying to make that not all daytime is the same. Just because the sun has not set doesn’t mean a dark tint visor is safe, and I would expect police to take conditions into account when deciding whether to pull or what action to take.

This is true. Trackdays require that you have a stickered helmet.

Source - Dad does trackdays

The fact you’re required to have one doesn’t mean if you remove it you can’t do trackdays, as I’ve never seen anyone check anything on a helmet (esp since the sticker is on the back).

Source - I’ve done trackdays :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Even I’ve done one :slight_smile:

I wear a dark visor alot, however, if I know/think I’m gonna be out after dark, or the weathers looking iffy. I carry a clear visor with me.

Apparently you need an ACU Gold Sticker to race and on some track days. I seem to recall some chap crashing (not badly) on a track day and the officials removing his ACU Gold sticker because the helmet had been in an accident. That is a really vague memory of something I read (possibly on here) so may be made up.

You can apparently buy the gold stickers on Ebay. And apparently some helmets come with them in the box to attach as you see fit (or presumably sell on ebay).

With respect to dark visors. They look dead cool on a sunny day. I’d imagine if you were wearing an illegal (too dark) one at night and crashed and injured someone other than yourself they’d throw the book at you.