2 hrs to go...

and a yoshi R-55 is comming my way…£410.00 but worth every penny…



Nice one fella looking forward to see it.

Full system, Japanese item??

did you get that other item off evilbay m8???

noooo!!! been douped at the last minute!!!

lol…its shot up to £500.00…no way am i paying that!!!

got a good scorpian for £150 tho…and thats gives me a budget for a dyno and power commander!!! woohoo…

to tell you the truth…i was kinda hoping it would go that way…lolol…


nothing wrong with a scorpion can.

Nice an loud!


might be worth a prod higher - if full system - not can only

good luck

it was just the yosh slip on mate…if the full system,ide a gone up to 6 hundred…but the scorp looks and sounds great…

im a happy bayer…lol



Nice one Shane. That would have been too much for an exhaust. Money much better spent on suspension or trackdays, imo. Exhausts don’t make you faster, though they do get you nicked quicker!

nice one!! im after a remus can…

scorpions are nice…

I paid £350 for dual Leo Vince Carbon cans from Italy, brand new from factory…Now that’s a bargain

I got the Scorpion for my 600. Nice sounding pipe and loads lighter than the standard one

When I got mine fitted, the dealer altered the fuelling with a Yoshi box. It’s not as accurate as using the Power Commander, but gives a similar end product.

Nice one Shane … you know that’s gonna sound the bollox!