2 High voltage tix going....Any headbangers out there


Would cost £200+ if paying for a pair of tix for the weekend festival.

Not for me - (Won as a prize at the Ace) but happy to let go for a minimal donation to LAA (£50 ?)

Can drop off at the tea hut on Wed or at BM if it suits.


Jeezus Dream Theater is playing! Would love to see those guys live!

Shame I am such an old bastige as I would have taken those :smiley:

BL I can’t do this as going Lake District Sunday, the thought of seeing dream theater was beginning to persuade me, but if no-one on the site wants these tickets, I have a few old metal head friends who I think would want them.

Bugger… already got my tickets…

Yes to the headbanger bit… would have loved to have taken these off your hands but my head is already banging elsewhere to Maiden that weekend!

I’ll have those mate. Want to see Slash on the saturday. PM sent…