2 Carlas

Carla? Welcome

Me too, thought someone was trying to fake me then lol

2 Carlas on the board!!! This is gonna start getting confusing, could people now call me LMRR (as I know some type Carla)

thats true so r u two sisters by any chance then or identical twins with identical names

hope to see you both at a cubana evening

I’ll be there. I even started work at 6am (instead of 0730) today so I could finish at 6pm!!!

Hope to get there for about 8pm, save me a good space

i will babe which way will you be coming if you want meet me at the ace you have my mumber, and we can ride in together lol

you could abuse the lane hoggers and w****** and i can take of their mirrors

whats with the face

Lives in Oxford too

MMM pure coincidence???

So what do you ride Carla and how did you hear of LB? Come down to Cubana next wed

whats going on…a real carla or someone making out ?

“Someone making out”?

Quick, to the Adults Only section with them!! LoL

2 Carlas eh? well, never heard’em called that before PMSL

2 koalas?


Im worried about you mate…

Awwww how cute

Don’t be. Matt’s a very sick man, but he knows and laps it up

And we accommodate him for fear he may go and terrorise other people with his ‘Two Ronnies’ humour