2 Bikers Down this Morning

On my way in on the A2, I stopped at the front of the traffic (just before the Eltham tunnel) to see a couple of car drivers pushing a Harley to the side of the road and then leave the rider slumped up against the wall. They then got in their cars and carried on their journey, I couldn’t believe they left the guy dazed and confused at the side of the road.

I stopped, checked the guy was ok and then rang 999 as the traffic was pretty heavy and people weren’t noticing the bikes until the last moment as we were just before the entrance to the tunnel London bound and there was no where to move the bikes. The rider was a still little dazed (understandably so) I moved up the road to warn on coming traffic and wait for the Police. When they arrived we moved the bike to the next lay by where there was another biker on a CBR125 who’d also just had an off, apparently he had just been dealt with by the same coppers that dealt with the Harley.

The result was that I left the guy with the Police and rode the rest of the way into work at a fairly slow pace, so I apologise to anyone who was held up by a black xt660x on the way in to work this morning.

So remember that the roads are very slippery when we have some rain after a hot dry spell, and good luck.

Hope there ok! I know its shocking how most people just ignore whats happening! No heart in the human race these days IMO!

i got the train to work this morning (oddly enough the train which goes via Eltham) and noticed traffic was pretty slow.

Hope the two blokes are OK and were not injured.

oh no!!

hope both riders are ok

please be safe guys!

Sorry to hear of the offs. Came down the A13 myself, all quiet today. Traffic seemed lighter and the road had dried out pretty fast from this mornings deluge.

Hope the guys are ok.

Huh, there was rain this morning?!?! That’ll explain the water in that weird cement bit in the middle of the Holloway Road, what is that btw, looks like an old weigh bridge?

Saw a bike propped up against the railing outside Highgate tube last night, Police and Ambulance at the scene. Oddly there was still glass (headlight I suspect) on the road this morning, surely they would’ve cleared that up?


Good work Skeeter. That’s what the biker spirit is about eh! Car drivers suck for being considerate, this just goes to show it, I hate it! Why be so uncaring, will it hurt you, will your boss fire you if you’re late because you did a good deed and helped someone in distress? Perhaps these people haven’t heard of Karma.

Very scary that. I join the A2 at Deptford as I take the A206 from Woolwich onwards. Roads were a little wet this morning. Sad to hear that the bikers were basically moved out of the way so cars could carry on with their journeys. Good to know you stopped to help them out. Hope that they are gong to be okay. I’ve had cars trying to run me over after an off and it is bloody annoying! They just don’t stop or care. It was only because of a BMW GS that stopped and put hazards on that I was able to get up safely and pick the bike up.

I saw a 125 lodged into the front of a car on the A2 in the little tunnel before the blackheath turnoff…

rider ok so didn’t stop.

That’s terrible but it doesn’t surprise me. When I slid up the road last week I must have been passed by at least a dozen cars (slowly, at a junction). And when my Fazer got taken out, I think the only reason people stopped was because I was sprawled in the oncoming carriageway. Mind you, they probably thought twice about it. Still, no witnesses ‘came forward’.

Thanks humanity!

I try and stop for every biker in trouble as we are all so vulnerable. I hate seeing a bike on the opposite carriageway where I can’t get to them. I have seen so many accidents the past few weeks - one smashed up bike middle of the commercial road, lots of police, no other vehicle. Who did that then, the fairy f***ing god mother? It makes me so upset.

Skeeter top bloke for helping out that kind of consideration is rear these days, don’t know if you guys remember but two months ago an 8yr old girl was involved in a hit’n’run and the five or six cars behind the person that hit her just drove around the little girl, if people won’t stop for school girls what hope do the rest of us have


There was also the case where a young woman was lying on the side of the road (somewhere in Kent), however she was partially on the road too. There was CCTV on her for awhile and when it was reviewed to find out what happened it turns out that she had been there for almost an hour and bus drivers had driven around her, cars had manouvered around her (all to avoid going on top of her… very considerate eh!) and passers by had just walked past. It wasnt till the CCTV people actually looked at the footage they realised she had been lying there for such a long time. It was a very sad day

Nice one Skeeter

see ive had the complete opposite when i come off friday there was loads off people asking if i was ok! they might just being nosey
but one fella was proper helpfull when i was dazed didnt get to say thanks wish i could have
and a couple off people came to me to be witness!!!

but just one rant
was on the underground last night going to see a concert in euston noticed some bloke got off the train and left a suitcase which he was sitting next to might not have been his but anyway shouted out ans asked “is this anyones bag, does any body know who this bag belongs to it has been left on here” everyone looked at me like i was some sort of lunatic!!! no answers or nothing everyone just sat there no wonder the underground is a easy target!!!
got off at my stop and told the driver he looked at it then got everyone of the train dont know what happened but for god sake it could be a bomb and people just look at ya like a mong!!!

That just really irks me when they just sit there like robots when asked a question.

Strangely enough if it did contain a bomb they would be the first ones to go crying to the City of London for compensation

stopping to help is something I want to do but sometimes I think its just easier to keep going. i mean stopping on the a2 probably aint the safest thing to do. what do the old bill reckon if situation is in hand - i.e. not life threatening?

If your on your feet and alive, then I think I’d just continue. Im crap at mechanics, so couldn’t help broken down biker. I did stop once, guy seemed annoyed I’d stopped and said he was fine thanks.

Must say, when I binned my scoot in the City I had 5 or 6 people come to help me.

I agree that it would have been easier to keep going, but I was genuinely of help to this guy. It wasn’t the safest place for him to be sitting while not being fully aware of his surroundings. I’m glad I did stop as he understandably just wanted to sit down and I think having someone else to take control of the situation (phone the Police and warn other road users) is a great help. I couldn’t repair his bike for him but I could take a bit of responsibility off his shoulders while he tried to get his head around the situation.

Blimey, I hope they were both OK in the end. Bus drivers are so nice aren’t they, driving around the injured rather than just over them.

Well done Skeeter. If only there were more people like you…