1st LB dedicated album track?

Picked up “Kingdom of Rust” this evening and discovered Track 1 was dedicated (well, sort of, o.k., well, it’s just the title) to an LB.

Any one else got a track named after them?

No, but my best mate (Barney) was friends with Dave Fenton - he of ‘Turning Japanese’ fame.

Dave once said to Barney: ‘You know you’re getting famous when you wake yourself up on the radio’ - that was whilst The Vapours were first tourng Australia :smiley:

There are a few with variations of my name, which is Sherrie/Cherry/Sherry etc :cool:

Big John by Jimmy Dean :smiley:

I have the same name as some Canadian guitarist.

Forget single tracks, there’s an entire album called Hey Zeus by X . . !

And one on the most slippery substances known to man. By the way does DuPont know you called Teflon?

Have to ask does **** stick to you? :smiley:

:slight_smile: comes from the reluctance of things to stick to me - rugby balls, hair etc and my reluctance to stick to things like roads. If you saw my bike you’d understand:doze:

Gets my vote Teflon. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to develop a lkife style I call “sliding” e.g. zero friction.

Now I find out I’m a Taoist. Similar ideal, they just got there a few hundred years before me.

I’m similar. Someone once told me that I should be called Lightning, not because I’m fast, but because I always find the path of least resistance !

Does this song meander pointlessly for a long time with half of the musicians getting lost halfway through, but with a very triumph-ant finale at the end? :laugh:

If so, then this might end up sounding like a Genesis song, which is ironic as the LB-er concerned bears more than a passing resemblance to their guitarist Mike Rutherford. If the liner notes were brilliantly drawn up, and illustrated charting the recording process, by someone called Joby, I would be even more impressed.

‘theres a raaaaaaaaaaat in teh kitchen…what am i gonna do’:smiley:

Ama is short for Amanda which can be again shorted to Mandy… :slight_smile: thats my song!! :slight_smile:

eezyrida Er, it might, he might and they might.

We are talking random here.

there are several whiskeys named after me (Glen) I hope to try them all.

not many songs with my name in though :frowning:

This one was for me.