1st crash! can I please get a Smiled number :)

got a little distracted today and didnt see the lights change. Locked up the rear (daft) almighty long slide with the backend out and had no where to go. managed to almost come to a complete stop before i touched the pedestrian centre island and fell over the top of the bike and totally squashed the yellow light box thingy.

I’m totally fine cause the yellow box is really soft and broke my fall :smiley:

best of all is that the bike does not even have a scratch on it!! BONUS!! :D:D:D

The engine bars that I installed in place of the crash bungs touched the ground and stopped ANY damage. woo hoo.

pathetic crash tbh tho!! TH tonight then

I’m never getting on the back again :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

so no injury or at least scratch wounds?
must’ve looked interesting though, you didn’t by chance have your cam on, or? :w00t:

at least you two are ok though :slight_smile:

last time you rode with me, you locked up the rear, and almost crashed into the back of a car at the traffic lights… at least you are consistent! :smiley:

ABS is a really good thing to have on motorcycles, I think they should make them compulsory, along with loud horns.

Glad you’re ok :slight_smile:

I go out of my way to keep my right foot on my toes on the peg. Too easy to lock the rear and totally unnecessary in most braking situations.

Glad you are ok and the bike is fine though, sounds quite frightening for you at the time :smiley:

thats the advantage of linked brakes…they all come on and you stay upright

good to hear your alright and bike not badly damaged xxx

TBH I never use the rear brake. Only on a couple ocasions and both almost saw me in a spot of trouble for using it. Dunno why I did it. I think tiredness was a key factor in todays riding. Never felt comfy riding today.

@ Capt Slow. No damage at all on the bike. happy me. my right wrist is a little bit sore but thats my tendonitis flaring up from the bump. Actually really not bad at all.:slight_smile:

well if ya right wrist is messed up and you need a hand :wink:

give us a shout :slight_smile:

I’d rather sit on my leftie and made it a dead hand for better effect :smiley:

Glad yer OK and Junior is well also.

I love my back brake (gently and tenderly), its my safety option on slippy surfaces like gravel and shight, at least if it locks up you have time to release it and regain control, if you lock up the front you`re more than likely fooked.

thanks Jets. my boss recons it was a very comical somersault over ther bike:laugh:

Glad you’re OK. You should fill in the application template to apply for a smiledclub number!

Example in this post:




You say that now… :smiley:

Also, if that crash counts for smiled membership it reduces the ‘quality’ of the whole group surely? :slight_smile:

Wow, saw this and thought fook, you binned the bike after all that work!! Glad to hear that you popped ya cherry without damaging yourself or the bike!

Thanks. you know, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I stood up :w00t: I was like £$%&**^%%$. Lucky I still got loads of hours left at the OMC :stuck_out_tongue:

How have ya been by the way :slight_smile:

Oops, not in anyway aimed at the key ejecting Ninja, I`m sure you reacted cautiously with a subtle downchange on the entry to the corner, a tentative squeeze of the front brake, a butt clench and a light application of the rear whilst considering your optional points of landing.:slight_smile:

Shame you didn`t have time to take the key out before you stopped, in retrospect , you must have had time, what were you thinking?

Oh, I`ll just make this corner and no-one will know, from your tyre tracks it looked like you ignored the corner.:smiley:


cut short… ya fooked up :laugh: