19ft Bilge Keel Sailing Yacht for sale-

I have this little yacht for sale. its an easy to sail yacht. good for a family or beginner to yachts as i was 3 years ago. its located in Kent on the Thames.

19ft 4 - berth Yacht. Roller reefing jib, 6HP Mariner outboard (currently being professionally serviced) Working seatoilet (renewed last year), new depth transducer fitted last year. sink, gas stove with grill, redone last year= lighting and battery’s with regulators and x2 15w solar panels, MP3 radio, old vinyl lining ripped out and relined with veltrim, new floor carpeting. night spot light fitted with its own battery and panel, sails checked and repaired last year, new forstay. Comes with launching trolly, inflatable and wooded tenders with 2hp Evinrude outboard. Seawych info - http://www.seawych.org/index.php/seawych-info
Boat still needs antifowling renewed this year (approx £30 for a tin), and a bit of touching up here and there with varnish/paint.
£2500 - or offers (please pass it on)
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proper listing-


If I was still doing water sports I’d be very interested…

Good price!

now on ebay


now accepting £2500 or offers

(just got the outboard back from being serviced today too)

desperate to sell it, now taking £1550

Maybe try one of the old sailing forums if you can get onto them?

Or perhaps keep trying with the eBay?

Print some ads out and stick them up at a few different sailing clubs?

Good luck with the sale

Give a couple of clubs a call…
Laburnum boat club- hackney
Islington boat club- Islington
The pirate castle- Camden
Shadwell basin- shadwel
West resivoir- green lanes
Canal side- (don’t remember the location)

These are all clubs I’ve worked for/with in the past,
I’m sure if you give them a call and explain to them you need it gone they will point you in the right direction.
Or possibly make you an offer (but no promises)

If I had the money I’d snap it off ya!

just a heads up. I sold it with a loss on ebay a few weeks ago. Got £700 for it with everything. event the sink. oh well.

i had tried for months to sell it for more without luck. plus somone at the club offered me a yacht i always dreamed of. it was always beyond my reach/ 2 years ago it was up for £6000. They bought it. then he had a heart attack. he recovered and got himself a yacht more suited to his health and his wife. so he offered me the one i always wanted as he didnt want to pay mooring for two yachts. I can just pay him when i get myself sorted with my job.

here is the new (to me) one. I love having a small yacht. the final cost just for me, he will take 2k. I love sailing like i love biking. cant give either up. and ill be entering races with other yacht clubs with it

Nice one Woozy.

Boats are a really great way to throw money away. Boat stands for Break Out Another Thousand. I’ve owned a couple myself…

The new one is a nice one though!

How much is it to moor one of these up for a year?

May as well stand in the shower and throw £20 notes down the drain…Boats - they just suck the money outa your pocket

mooring is £400 a year. Insurance £100 a year. Boat was just under 2K which i havent paid for yet. Nothing needs fixing.

I’ll like to start yachting but I’m total £$%£" and will make one big tango with all this ropes and lines. Better just stay with small rib.

I like that, nicely rigged for one person to sail too.