1999 Yamaha R1


The bike has a bit of a story.

99 Blue R1, steel braided hoses, 14,000 miles

This bike was actually stolen from me in January 2006 - Jan 13 (yeah it was a friday) to be precise. In May 2006 the police stopped eating doughnuts for long enough to actually recover my stolen bike.

So it is back with me and mine to sell. This bike was not involved in any sort of insurance situation. Basically i attempted to sell the bike in Jan 06. A potential buyer turned up and i let him test ride the bike - he jumped on and zoomed off! Being an honest guy i told the insurance company what had happened and they were delighted to tell me that theft by deception was not covered in their policy. Meaning i got paid nothing from the insurance company. It also means that they did not take the bike from me and it is still totally mine and techincally it has a clean legal history. The bike can legally go back on the road, it is still registered to me, all engine and frame numbers are original.

It has obviously been slid up the road at some point but the bike starts and moves.

I would recommend a viewing. As i said, the bike can go back on the road but would also make an excellent track bike, kit car, 2nd bike, garden ornanment etc. I have some battered body work in blue, seat unit in blue, headlights and tail light.

When i advertised the bike it had completed 13,800 miles - it only completed 200 miles away from me. The BT014’s i fitted in Dec 05 still have plenty of tread.

£1850 ono