1991 Yamaha R1-Z 250cc Rare 2-stroke like TDR / TZR (but cooler!)

I’m selling my beloved R1-Z as I’m moving:

1991 Yamaha R1-Z. The bike has covered 19500km (12200 miles) and is in good used condition.

The bike was imported for the previous owner from Japan in November 2003 by DK Motorcycles in Newcastle. I bought the bike in August 2004.

The bike has always been garaged, and only good quality two stroke oil has been used (castrol tts). It has been fitted with an Ohlins racing shock, and runs sticky Bridgestone BT-090 tyres. Front master cylinder is a GSXR item and the bike stops very well! It also goes like the clappers from 7000 revs to the limit (about 11000) it flies.

Recent work carried out:

  • Forks rebuilt and set up for 11stone rider: June 04
  • Engine oil: August 05
  • Rear disk and pads (with titanium bolts): May 05
  • Engine bolts replaced with polished stainless items: Summer 05 [*]Exhaust repainted with High Temp paint: Winter 04/05
  • Fuel tank treated with sealant: Winter 04/05

Bad points:

  • Paintwork is good for year, but has a few blemishes
  • Rear tyre needs replacing in a few hundred miles

The bike will come with a new MOT and six months tax, as well as a spare air filter, full tank of fuel and full tank of two stroke oil. I have the original Yamaha service manual (in Japanese unfortunately, but it is useful for torque settings), and a fair bit of history since the bike’s import.

For more info about the R1-Z, check out the link below:

Any enquiries, please email or call on 07870249963. Viewings welcome. Buyer to collect (email me if you want to meet halfway - sure we can sort something out. Price £900 ono.

Hai I am harun from Bangladesh I want to buy this motorcycle 900 euro. Please tell me how can I buy this

Well to start with you’ll need a time machine…

Hai I am harun from Bangladesh I want to buy this motorcycle 900 euro. Please tell me how can I buy this HarunRashid
Hi Harun Rashid, what do you ride?

Welcome to LB.

Its the normal way to introduce yourself, were Jetsream a monogomous childless unmarried couple with issues and a ZX12.

Pleased to make yer aqaintance Harun.

What do you do?

We are nearing retirement but due to present political strictures feel we may have to work untill we die.


Wow, I wonder what that be worth now in the same condition

Probably £3-4k