Following my spill last week (see here: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic741857-35-1.aspx) I’m pondeering over selling my bike on as I don’t have the time or facilities to repair it.On offer; 1990 Honda CB1 in black, MOT until SEPT 2011, 33050km, good condition for age - however now has the following left side damage;

Mirror & mounting point broken off

Clutch lever snapped in half

Handle bar end weight snapped off

L/H switch cluster - top broken off

Scratch to engine casing

Gear change lever bent

Left foot peg/mounting pin bent

Pillon L/H footrest scratched

Rear L/H plastics scratched

Dented tank (two areas) where L/H handlebar made contact with it after moving on its mounting

Lost frontend, went down on lefthandside @ 25mph.

Bike starts, runs and rides.

See pics below - any questions, just ask.

Bike is in Mytchett, Surrey GU16 - will neeed to be taken away in a van/on a trailer.

Should be easy to fix - need new L/H switch gear, clutch lever monting point assembly, clutch lever, bar end weight, - I just have too much on my plate at the moment.

Good rebuild project for someone or the donor bike for a customisation project :slight_smile:

£500 - or make me an offer :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking.

will you take 250

Thanks for the offer, I’ll think about it…:slight_smile:


I have put the bike back on the road:

I have bought a replacement left hand switch unit - so all functions are restored.
Gear change lever straightened out - can now change gear ok.
Left footpeg retaining pin almost straightened out - so footpeg is almost back to normal. (ultimately a new pin is required)

The bike is now rideable again.

Still outstanding.

  • left handlebar is a little bit bent - which explains why it made contact with the tank. It’s usable but should be replaced (or straightened out if poss).
  • clutch lever holder assembly, clutch level & left mirror needs to be replaced.
  • lefthand bar end weight needs to be replaced.
  • rear plastic scratched on lefthand side.
  • needs new handlebar grips.

It rides as before - the lefthand side of the handlebar feels ‘empty’ without the mirror and a bit ‘light’ without the end weight.

Still wanting to sell and will consider reasonable offers. :slight_smile:

270 quid? :slight_smile:

starting to get luke warm… :smiley:

I know its not in perfect condition but these are getting rare-ish…
The engine & gearbox & carbs are worth £250 easily on their own…

To get this back to perfect condition £100-150…

I might be interested in part-xing this against another bike - 400/600cc Fazer/Bandit…



I have done some further work on the bike and been riding it on the road for the last month.

Work done;

  • Replaced the clutch/mirror bracket - I got a used part which is finished in black - just needs painting grey/gunmetal to match.
  • Replaced the clutch level
  • Got a left mirror
  • Renewed the road tax

Still outstanding.

  • left handlebar is a little bit bent - It’s usable but should be replaced as the thread for the weight has snapped off.
  • lefthand bar end weight needs to be replaced.
  • rear plastic scratched on lefthand side.
  • needs new handlebar grips.

Any further questions - just ask :slight_smile:



is this bike still for sale?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

could i get your phone number so i can ask you a few questions about the bike? im serious about purchasing at the right price but have quite a distance to travel so would be good to talk first. many thanks. dave

Mobile number PM’d :slight_smile:

SOLD - thanks for the interest :slight_smile: