1980's Kent Police Rider Training Video

In the early 1980’s my Dad was an instructor at Kent Police Driving School. They were one of the first in the country to use video to assist in classroom lessons… recently whilst trawling through you tube I discovered someone had posted one of their videos - used to illustrate planning… I thought I would share it with you…






Really good post - they are superb. I wish the roads were that clear now!

Excellent, thanks :slight_smile: I’m sure I saw Broady in the second one :wink:

Good stuff thanks. Nostalgic too as I grew up around that area in the eighties and recognised some of the roads. Cheers.

Nar, he was holding Arther Skargill’s coat then:DAaaah the Griffin Clubman, the Arai of the 80’s:D

Excellent - thanks for posting these!

As a new rider this kind of thing is incredibly helpful to me, especially the road positioning elements. I shall try to keep up a running commentary like that in my head when I’m on the road, too. Hopefully it’ll help to sharpen my road sense.