13/9 - Brands Track Evening - Dave Harris Memorial Event - Riders for Health


The link above is a report from last years Dave Harris Memorial Track Evening.

Dave sadly passed away after an incident exiting Graham Hill bend at Brands Hatch on the 25th May 2005

I have just received a call from Daves wife saying tha we have virtually sold the evening out, this at this stage is not a public track evening but is being offered out via friends of Dave, we are now looking to fill the last few spaces, Dave was a good friend of mine and this event is 100% for Riders for Health, MSV, FE etc are all doing this for free, there weill be a raffle, a great atmosphere and i believe our very own B is instructing.

This will not be your usual banzai trak evening but a chance for us to remember Dave and make him proud.

So if you want to book, call Focussed Events on 08702 646 268 - It is not listed on their website.

Even if you cant make the track evening to participate, come down anyway, your support would be great.

There is a cracking Raffle as well … open to all … tickets being sold on the night:

There’s a little stash of raffle prizes growing by the minute but this is what we have so far. Annette will be asking people for raffle money on the night. So far we have:

-A Nicky Hayden autographed cap (future world champ?) – donated by Riders for Health
-Some Ducati books – donated by Riders for Health
-‘Mission Accomplished’ Airwaves t-shirt autographed by Lavilla – donated by Darrell Healey
-Airwaves rider profiles (Haslam and Lavilla) autographed – donated by Darrell Healey
-Ducati Corse ‘Pandoras Box’ (a box of workshop goodies-wipes/disposable golves/polishing cloths etc) - donated by Nat

  • £100 voucher towards paintwork at Essex County Choppers in Upminster, Essex - donated by Chris/Ant E
  • Ducati 1/1000 limited edition book - donated by Chris B
  • R&G racing knee sliders – CSS
  • Alpinestar ‘racing ahead’ socks (L/XL) – CSS
  • Sportsmax Qualifier black, collar/button shirt – (M) – CSS
  • 2 pair heather gray Alpinestar sport boxers (M) – CSS
  • CSS black neck warmer – CSS
  • Alpinestar black t-shirt (M) – CSS
  • Alpinestar navy t-shirt (ladies S) – CSS
  • CSS ‘Cornering. Discover the Art’ shirt (ladies L) - CSS
  • ‘A twist of the wrist’ by Keith Code (book) – CSS
  • ‘A twist of the wrist’ by Keith Code (dvd) – CSS
  • Barry Sheene, the M Scott version - donated by Henners

Thanks for listening and maybe see a few of you.


Sure thing, ill see you there Dibble and any LBers turning up will be made very welcome whether riding on track or not. Ill be there for you guys giving help and advice on track riding if you want it or pointing you in the direction of Annette to buy raffle tickets<img src='https://londonbikersarchive.blob.core.windows.net/forums/skins/classic/images/emoticons/smile.gif' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Smile' align='absmiddle'> Do come along to support this very worthy cause in memory of Dave Harris together well make a great evening.

If I can get cover I’ll come for definate Already doing at trackday on the 11th which is my last day off of 5 but i’ll do my best. Is anyone staying overnight on the 13th?

See what you can do LMRR, theres no stopping you at the moment. At this rate youll be racing next year

I guess most people will be drifting off home as the evening goes on.

no plans to stay over but if it helps there is my spare room which is 15 mins from the circuit, garage space available as well for the bike if you need it

I’ve just managed to get cover so I have booked the day off for this. How much is the track eve? I’ll bring the bike but i’ll only go on track if its dry (unless I end up doing S’stone in the wet monday and feel ok about it). What time will it finish? Think I may have to be in work at 0500 thurs but have to stay for the raffle

Carla, not sure what the cost is, i’m part of a block booking but all monies go to riders for health, give focussed a call P

Roll call for whos going then??? I’ll be leaving Oxford at 1pm with bike on trailer if I can find a lovely passer by to give me a lift with it

im going…apparently with hot pants and a brolly !!

I’ll be there on my little Desmodue race bike. Number 29. If you see me, stop by, say hello.

I`ll be on my way there after lunch… see you there…

i hope someone said hello to you and im sorry that i didnt…

a really good time had …even though i didnt win the raffle

I said hello to LittleMissRoadRage. That was all. sniff

Actually I know quite a few of the Ducati people attending so I wasn’t short of conversation.

Hey Phillc i did see you out on track but not in person offtrack. You looked good out there round the corners but lacking power down the straights.

I saw you on the way to the circuit and gave you a hoot, i was in a blue van.

Yeah, 50bhp gets blown away a bit on the straights…

I wondered who it was in the blue van. Just thought it was someone being friendly! Nice to almost meet you.

I was wondering which of the instructors you were, but didn’t see the helmet from your avatar? Although perhaps you weren’t the one with “Yorky” on your plate.

Ive still got the same lid as in the avatar and was wearing blue leathers and on a blue and white k5 GSXR750. There again the other two instructors were on blue and white gixer 1000s. Haha…no i`m not Yorky.

I was keeping out of the way around clearways when you came past on full lean then i went past down the straight and saw the number 29 on the side so knew it was you.