125 Scooter Rider booking full test this weekend!

Hello all!

Advice wanted on what first bike I should go for after trading in my 125 Piaggio?!?

I commute to Waterloo from the Romford area and want something practical but good for filtering traffic.

I’m torn between going for something like an ER-6 or a bigger scooter like an X-Max 250.

I’m booking my test this weekend - CBT runs out next month, I can’t face another CBT!

Advice welcome!:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard, i ride a scooter and commute everywhere and love it.

hi and welcome… CB500 is quite a nice step up… or CBR600F if you want something whith a lot more oomph, but still quite forgiving.

BTW, whats the plan with your 125… im looking at getting one to keep in the garage for running errands on… what you doing with yours… pm me the details if you are thinking of getting rid.
Taa mate…

Go for the bigger bike over a bigger scooter. For commuting road presence is the thing. :slight_smile:

ER-6 is a good bike, but any mid-range naked from the big manufacturers will do the trick :wink:

Presence has nothing to do with whether you are a scooter or not. There are some bloody big scooters with more presence than 90% of bikes with twice or four times the CCs. X9s are good for getting people to move out of the way, more so if yellow, and I imagine any of the similar tall wide scooters will be the same.

Cheers guys!

I’m thinking I’ll go for direct access anyway as opposed to restricted, then my options are more open!

iank - will let you know when I plan to get rid of my 125! I’ve done 30,000km on it - will be sad to see it go!! :frowning:

Have to say the ER-6F (2009 model) has caught my eye. Very nice looking bike indeed! PIC HERE

The Honda sh300i is supposed to be a really nippy scooter…but for another grand I could buy an ER-6!!

Decisions decisions…!

To be fair your yellow scoot certainly has presence.:wink:

I was thinking more of my own experience changing from scooter to bike a couple of years ago. I’ve got nothing (much) against scooters- I had a Vespa- but it is fair to say that most scooters round London are Vespa sized and they just don’t have road presence compared to a bike.

I’m talking about the road presence provided by height, bulk, handlebar width (not all bikes obviously), headlight beam strength (makes a difference:)) but mainly exhaust noise. Okay I’m sure there’s a scooter out there with all of these attributes but it’s more likely he’ll find a bike that has them all than a scoot. :slight_smile:

I agree absolutely, just pointing out that drivers don’t worry about whether it is a scooter or not, but big, tall wide and bright bikes of all types get more attention in traffic. The SH300 is meant to be a very good scooter, and is very popular on the continent, but won’t have the presence of a maxi-scooter.

I have the 2006 ER6F and commute on it most days. So of course I would recommend it.

Also the older model has more power than the new one, and in my opinion the black and red one is better looking than the new black one

definitely SV1000. Comfortable and composed at low speed and filtering, razor sharp throttle response, can’t whack it!;)lol

welcome to lb and good luck with the test


For commuting a maxi scooter beats anything else on 2 wheels hands down: you have less to distract you (no gears or clutch to fuss with) and it is easier to carry stuff (and keep it dry and secure) using the underseat area.My personal choice has

  • ABS (right hand is GO, left hand is STOP, and no other major controls to fuss with),

  • a boot big enough to carry 2 helmets, or tennis racquets & kit, or whatever you need to carry to/from work AND go shopping on the way home.

  • a 12v outlet to charge your phone or run a satnav,

  • the seat and riding position are very comfy, the front bodywork and screen protect you from the worst of the elements in winter,

  • both a side- and a centre-stand for maximum convenience.

  • there is a cover that pulls out to keep the rain off the saddle.

  • my one has a damn great ABUS chain that locks from inside the boot (which has no exterior key and has a remote control to pop it open).

  • no chain to mess with (literally), just a belt change every 10000km or so.

  • As a 250 it does 85mph and 85mpg.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sounds perfect BigPug! Sounds like an X9?

Does anyone here have any experience of the Yamaha X-Max 250? Those who I have spoken to that own or have owned one rave about them.

It is a Satelis. Built by Peugeot using the same engines as the X9s, and aimed at the same enormous maxi-scooter market in France and Spain.

The X Max is not quite the same thing. They are more comparable with the X7. Smaller, cheaper, less comfort, less presence, but the same under the plastic as the X8/X9.