125 Newbie in South West London


I am brand new to LB and have been riding for about 2 months with L plates on my Yamaha YBR 125.
Looking to build experience as currently just commuting to and from work on the same route, keen to meet some other new riders as well and join some ride outs =)

Lauren xx

Welcome Lauren.
There is a newbie night at the Ace cafe- first Monday of the month IIRC.

Hello and Welcome …

hi and welcome,

if you want to get out on some rides there is one on Sunday that’s 125 friendly

Hi and welcome to the Family…!

Welcome to LB
Check out the 125 friendly (read sensibly paced) ride-out this sunday and get stuck in :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Lauren!

Welcome to the crazy house! Don’t worry about someone called Me groovey btw.

You should come on the 125 friendly ride this Sunday!

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Fixed :laugh:

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ok…This is slightly more true…

Hi and welcome!


Welcome to the mad house…

Re: Sunday, come along if you’re not visiting your mum… apparently it’s mothers day :ermm:

it’s true you know

Thanks for all the welcome guys =)

Id love to come out sunday, however I will be sorely hungover haha
I am planning on coming to the midnight ride in London so far! Can’t wait!

hello you :slight_smile:
where in sw you are :smiley: ?

Hi! =)

I live in streatham.

How bout you?

clapham :slight_smile: we should team up for a ride some time

Yeah that’d be great! Have to bear with me as my little bike isn’t all that fast and I’m still building confidence etc haha i really want to branch out and get used to riding all types of areas in London. Ive just been doing to and from vauxhall for work, and did a little trip to richmond park by myself ha

don’t worry l bet your biker is quicker than mine anyway :slight_smile: haha we should go to ace for lunch one day :slight_smile: that will be a good in-town trip :smiley: