1. The community spirit behind sectarianism on both sides
  2. We beat England 1-0 and made a song about it
  3. We have 5 seasons; as well as Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer we
    have the riot season (also known as marching season)
  4. We have more terrorist organisations than the middle east
  5. The home of Harp; the pint we call our own
  6. We are so good, the English ripped off the look we call steek/milly
    and called it chav
  7. The home of the petrol bomb
  8. The only place where you will have your car stolen and thieves will try and sell it back to you
  9. The only country where people will fight over Rangers and Celtic and
    not know any players in the teams
  10. Our riot squad are so good that they train the English police riot
  11. The average teenager can make at least 3 different types of
  12. The only country Germany are afraid of


I can give you one. The A2

The Antrim coast rd

North.West. 200

& finally Ballycastle, because that’s where my mum is from.

Ahh, i was expecting lots of **** takes, youve made my day by mentioning one of the best roads ever :smiley:

Ive never rode the bike on it though!!!

ife i geta chance next week ill have to go on a wee bimble before i bring the bike back…

would be better in summer with warm weather though, smooooooooth roads round portrush:)

Yeah the coast road is amazing, but a bit tricky, especially those dry stone walls, they look like they would hurt.

Not sure about that dulce & yellowman(not the Reggae star) stuff though.

Nah The Isle of Man top it;)

Its in Norn Ireland

so it wins hands down :D:D:D