10th Annual Rat- and Survivalbike-Rally

Hello everybody,

This weekend is the 10th Annual Rat- and Survivalbike Rally in Nottinghamshire (about 130 miles from London). No doubt you will be able to see many insane contraptions like these:

Now, what the **** is a ratbike you ask?

"Ratbikes are the ultimate distilled evolution of motorcycling: No Bullsh*t involved. Just do the minimum to keep them healthy and Ride. Let your bike wear it’s visual history with pride. No time consuming cleaning, washing, polishing, adding shiny parts that do nothing. None of that, forget about it! Embrace The Pure and Essential Essence of Riding - Ride A Ratbike! "

Get the full info about the event at http://www.ratbike.org/show

Barring continuous torrential downpours, I will be heading up there tomorrow for the day, checking out the mad machines and their crazy owners, does anyone want to come? There’ll be bands, food, and all sorts of wacky fun for a tenner in.

If you are interested, send me a PM

  • Stefan

Do any of them have certification or mot’s?

Shouldnt smileds slingshot be in there somewhere

No, his bike is an antique