10kg's lighter.

I weighed myself the other night and discovered I was 10kgs lighter than before! I actually first thought the scales were broken, but no, thankfully my diet and exercise has paid off.

Still got a bit to go though, I’m looking at taking off another 5-8kg’s but so far so good. I’m gonna make sure I don’t allow myself to get as fat as I did again.

My diet consists mostly of green veg and chicken, all my carbs come in the form of brown breads (pitas, bread, crackers), I avoid high fat things and don’t drink at all during the week now. I completely avoid takeaways too.

My exercise is about 3-4times a week, at least 3x35-40 minute cardio sessions and I’m doing a programme of weights too.


Well done mate! I recently lost almost 3kgs. I will certainly continue to fit into my leather for a bit longer :wink:

Keep it up!

Well done mate :cool: if you near east London (hackney) and need a jogging bud give me a pm:)

Cut out fast carbs, 90 seconds exercise before meals (the same 90 minutes after), no sugar including Fructose, and cold showers are among some things that have been known to reduce fat as well.

10kg thats loads!

I was expecting pictures of some pimpin’ massive gold lighter - the kind for lighting cigars with.

well done!

well done! you using the GBC or something else?

Yeah I am kinda. I rota what I do so I never really repeat the same exercise in one week, not weight anyway. I do run usually more than once a week but I try to vary it up a lot. It is worth noting when I started off I was 105kgs! :crazy: I’d be stuffing myself all winter and it didn’t stop over christmas.

I initially lost 7kgs due to cycling and then came down another 3kgs recently through gym and diet. I’m hoping to push it down another 5-8kgs. I could do with a bit of “tapering up”. It’s nice having clothes that fit right again.

Also my leathers aren’t cutting off my blood supply to my feet.

Well done you

cool. I’m on a mission too… but its not going as well as yours :frowning:

That’s great, well done. :slight_smile:

weldone, I wish it was that easy for me…

Well done, I’ve managed 6.5Kg so far but still got a lot to go.

One downside though, my legs are getting to short for the bike. Without the weight I’m not compressing the rear spring as much.

Oh well rather be thinner and on balancing on my toes at the lights :slight_smile:

Well done, 10kg is a good loss. How long has that taken?

Over 3 months. I could have done it quicker but I’ve had a lot of “odd treats” like days of drinking and such.

well done, it aint easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you should be more than 10kg lighter soon;):w00t:

33 weeks now, not long to go :D:D