1098 smashed

Just been looking around on Flee bay, came across this 1098. Its one for the insurance to sort out!! Ouch to you and ur pocket!!!:crazy:





Reckon it’s trackable? :DNot that I’d ever afford it :frowning:

Swing arm looks totalled.

Sorry-forgot to attach pic

:crazy:sORRY, DID IT AGAIN!! DOW!!



Ouch, hope he was fully comp:pinch:

He`ll be getting a new bike soon then.

Looks fine to me, just needs some new sticky-out-bits and a tank. I’ll have it for £500?

Stick some LB stickers on it and no one will notice HAHA:D

looks like one of terrymoto’s bikes:)

Ouch! How sad is that?:crying:

wot…terry moto’s bike?:rolleyes:


as it goes it does have the markings of a terry moto machine, i see what you mean.

I reckon that’ll polish out! :smiley:

it looks like a cutaway display model u get @ bike shows (sort of)

wat a shame it was a beautiful bike!!

hopefully someone out there will put her back to the way she was

bit of gaffer tape soon sort that out :slight_smile:

Anyone know how the guy did so much damage?..Was it on track?

What a mess … would be in tears if that was mine.