1000 today, 30 tomorrow

:w00t: :blink: :w00t:

1000 (spam) posts today, and hitting the bloody big 30 tomorrow, celebrations been kicking off in London since last Saturday :w00t:

if anyone’s around Soho tonight, e.g. Intrepid Fox or Cro-bar, chances are I’ll end up in there, then outside in the gutter or something :smiley:
Likely the same tomorrow evening, so yeah, pop over for a drink or five :w00t:

Intrepid Fox is a cafe now :frowning:

yah, it used to be better when it was on Wardour street indeed, not too fond of the new one either, hence am so rarely there.
But tomorrow’s an exception (2nd exception this year, within a week :blink: ) so it’ll have to do :w00t:

ye missing good fun. anyone coming down to soho friday night? shall meet ye there then. not too drunk yet tonight, still more coming :w00t:

Happy 30th Berfday M8 :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!! SNAP!

Happy Birthday !