1 tooth less

i decided last trackday i did i need a taller secondgear so i can get out corners quicker is 1 tooth off the front the same as 3 on the rear?

Yep, 1 off the front is roughly equivalent to adding 3 to the back.

Some might argue that taking a tooth off the front gives your chain a harder life as it has to “turn tighter” but I don’t think it makes that much difference:cool:

Some also say that the minimum number ot teeth on the front should be 15 for the same reasons.

Thanks chunky i bought a 14 and a 15t sprocket the std one was 16t so i went for the 15t to start with its now fitted but ill wait till brands on sunday to try it out , dont think ill notice much difference if i was to take it down the road as i only have ever rode to brands on it and dont get above 60 anyway so ill try it out when i have done a few warm up laps sunday then give it some :D. thanks again


Only thing I would say is that if you go down to 14T you may need to lose a link out of the chain as you might run out of adjustment.

-2T on the front will be nuts;):smiley:

On my '05 R6 I went 1 tooth down on the front, and 2 up on the rear. And…it…is…awesome! Not good for the winter but fun anywho…my boss here went 2 down on the front and up about 5 on the rear haha madman but he’s done that and our sprockets look about the same size :blink:

went 1 tooth down 2 up on my old r6 aswell, always gave me a grin…i’ve gone 14T front on my bandit project so cant wait to see how it feels…and stage 3…and gsxr cams…dont think my front tyre will get much use :smiley: