1.25 amp Halfords motorcycle maintenance charger

Only used once or twice, same as this http://reviews.halfords.com/4028/965533/reviews.htm

No box or instructions but as i recall it’s ‘plug and play’ - I don’t have much use for it and it’s just taking up space so a tenner or best offer can have it. Can drop off to borough market next wednesday, otherwise collect from my work in Southwark or home near balham.

I’d offer a tenner for it but I’m in Epsom and can’t get out and about… still recovering from surgery on Thursday and won’t be on bike for a while now… :frowning:

I’ve got no idea about this but I assume the 1.25amp is the same as most bike batteries - or should I check my bikes first? :smiley:

Typically a motorcycle battery will be 4 amp, check yours before you crunch the numbers

Which means that a 1.25 amp charger will fully charge a discharged 4 amp battery in about 3½ hours

The maths are 4 amp battery divided by 1.25 amp charge = 3.2 plus 10% (*1.1) = 3.52 hours

sounds good to me… monkimark, if someone offers to take it off your hands before you ever venture towards epsom or i venture outwards go for it… if not, i’ll take it off your hands!:smiley:

Done, I’ll drop you a line if I’m heading out that way in the near future :slight_smile: