04.10.07 Chish & fips

Bit last minute, but having a bijou ride from Box Hill to Brighton for chish & fips tonight (can’t be arsed to cook and making most of the dry spell :slight_smile: )

Ryka’s 6.30 for prompt 7pm departure

Looks like I’m gonna be a billy then :smiley:

Bugger just seen this

You should have come north :D:D


Too late then :stuck_out_tongue:

To where? :rolleyes:

Had a really good un, probably best no one went with me as I was riding like a complete twat. Met up with a mate in Brighton, had a coffee then went home for me horlicks & bed :stuck_out_tongue:

To where? :rolleyes:

I’m in Chingford, some of the members have been here


Excellent fish & chips :cool:I can highly recommend a visit to Ians :smiley:

When we going then ?

I live in Chingford ! :w00t:

[quote=grimbusa]I can highly recommend a visit to Ians :smiley:

Having a wee bit of a health kick at the moment, so I didn’t actually partake of any fish & chips last night anyway…

Will def check out Ians at some point, might be cold by the time I get them home mind… :slight_smile: