01/04/2023 - Creme Egg Cravings

I’m told of a chippy in Cheltenham that is selling deep-fried crème eggs, and a bakery in Burford selling Scotch Egg Crème eggs, so I thought I’d link the two with a rideout.

Leaving Dunstable Downs at 9:30, not the visitor centre car park, the one down the road a bit (same one @ride4fun used) Google Maps

About 180 miles all in, going to Simpsons Cheltenham and Hunters Cakery before returning to Dunstable Downs.

Arrive with full tanks and empty bladders, we will use the cornerman system.


Lovely idea, thanks. Would love to join you but I’ll be away.

Have fun.

It’s a shame I can’t make it as it looks quite eggsciting.

Used to live around the corner from the Cheltenham chippy. Used to do pretty good fish and chips as well, was voted best in the UK in one of those completions one is unsure how.it covers the whole of the UK…

As for creme eggs, not even batter and a fryer can save them from being one of the most vile things in existence…

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Scotch Egg Crème eggs!!

Wouldn’t that be encased in a pork sausage meat and breadcrumbs?

edit: I Googled it and its not a Scotch egg, not as we know it Jim, but a Scotch egg look-a-like with the pork sausage meat and bread crumbs substituted with a brownie mix and hundreds and thousands.