ZZR600 plastics wanted

Anyone got any? I need all the plastics, indicators and headlight.


checkout fleabay usually a good source, of breakers and cheapo shops :slight_smile:

I’ll speak to my mate. He had one, sold all the good plastic bits on eBay then got rid of the rest to some bloke he met in the pub. £100 I think he got…ha ha.

Good luck with eBay - it’s the place to go - but most of the bits I’ve seen are breakers selling each bit separately and it all adds up even if the colours all match up (which they might not if yours is a Spanish-sourced bike). You might strike lucky though.

You could always convert it to run without a fairing if that takes your fancy.

Good luck

ps I’m restoring a '95 ZZR600E, but have all the bits just about, and all others I can get from eBay

Been on ebay but its a pain having to buy from all different places…postage to Spain etc. Somebody on here is sorting me out a few bits with any luck. Its a UK bike but going to paint it anyway so any plastics will do me…I did think about running it without a fairing but thought the ramair tubes looked a bit odd…:smiley:

Still looking…