ZZR 14

WOW !!!

I cant believe it, was out riding today in the sun when we were just travelling back when we came up to a bike in front of us. It was on 06 plate and I could not make out what it was. I went past and it was the new ZZR14.

We waved the fella over and he stopped and told us that he picked it up 2 hours ago.

Tell ya the truth it wasn’t as big as I thought they were going to be, I had a sit on it and its not that heavy either.

What a machine…

One of my friends just got one and I had a little test ride on it, it feels quite mad but lovely.

I believe powerslide had a loan one of these a couple of weeks ago - beautiful bike

“I went past and it was the new ZZR14”

Hmmm thought the idea was that you can’t pass em being balistic missiles… Yet to see one in the flesh(plastic???) the Z1400 is probably more my bag

Would love a go on the ZZR tho, just coz…

coz you can reach the handlebars and i cant???

Depends… but my moobs might get in the way

He was still running it in, not alowed past 4 rpm, he was still managing 8omph though.

I shouldn’t think I will be able to pass one after its run in…

Lol i guessed as much the look awesome in the pics

Cool, I liked it the first time I saw it at the NEC show last year. I’d really like a test-ride on one.

I have seen a lot of them out and about here in Wichita…usually with “donor tags” (60 day temporary tags…they are called “donor” tags because a lot of new riders in the area buy more bike than they can handle and kill themselves…resulting in lots of organs available for donation.) I often think that graduated licensing would be a good thing but I can’t see it EVER being accepted here in the U.S.

I’m not keen on the looks of the ZZR 14 or it’s primary target the Hayabusa…but to each his or her own, right? (No arguing with the straight line performance of either of those bikes though, for sure!!)

Waiting to see how they stack up against a Bussa. I have a friend who has just clocked over 206 mph for the standing mile on a Bussa. He has a couple of mates who are getting the 1400 in the next few days.