zxr750 h1 engine rattle

I’ve had a bit of a top end rattly tappy noise appear on my bike the last few weeks.
It only happens once the engine has warmed up a bit. It’s quite loud sometimes, then almost silent the next :frowning:
I realise the cam chain may be worn as it’s a bit of an oldun, but i’m puzzled why it only happens when the engine is warm???

Ideas on a postcard anyone?:kiss:

when the engine is cold tolerances are normally at their worst, prior to warm up when everything expands, but for some items the expansion has the opposite effect, ie the overhead cam chain when warm will rattle more. What does it sound like tappetty or rattly…

I would first check that nothing has come loose, a spark plug for instance, is there any loss of power etc…usual things…if your cam chain goes it is very likely to be bye bye engine so I would get onto it pretty quickly.

How many miles has she done…

Above is excellent advice - if it’s not thecam chain it could be the cam chain tensioner.

Definitely check the camchain - you really don’t want that to go…
Kawasakis are pretty noisy anyway, but if it only appears when warm then I would def investigate firther.

Thanks for advice, I’m not sure of the mileage as it hasn’t got the original clocks on it, but being nearly 20years old, i’m sure it’s done a few.
No loss of power at all really,…
May video the noise and put it on youtube,i’ll post a link :cool:
btw, it’s not a loose plug or anything as i’ve just replaced them all, still the same


hopefully this will work…

sounds like the cam eatin the head away dude :w00t: if not little ends or bad piston slap, my moneys on the head though as krapasakis are prone to it :smiley:

ah right,…not too much to worry about then :smiley:

yeah i had same trouble was what mr tatto said , come to think of it i had the same thing on my gpz i dont own kawasakis anymore:D

My ZZR1100 did exactly this…had one main dealer tell me I needed a new engine…took it to a guy who knew what he was doing and it turned out that one shim needed changing , cost me a tenner and the noise was gone.

It sounded far more serious and had me worried for a while…

You’d be amazed how noisy your engine can be if your carbs are out of balance.

Start with the cheapest checks first. If you can borrow a set of vacuum gauges its an easy job:cool:

+1 My carbs were done at the same time as the shim and it diid run much more smoothly…well worth doing:)

Yea, start simple is the sensible way to go but personally if its a high milage engine and you have not already had it apart i would do it now. If you are gonna do the shims you may as well get the head off so you can check the chain/tensioner and if you dont want to pull the barrel at least turn it over carefully and check the bores , preferably by sliding in a new ring and checking the end gap .
However, i have just today balanced the carbs on my zephyr and rockerchicks bandit having already done the valve clearances not so long ago and especially on mine it quietened it down a fair bit .

lol maybe my ears are decieving me but it sounds more then a shim lol :smiley:

fixed it today!
I replaced the camchain tensioner…old one looked ok, but it was a bit wobbly. Put new one in,…nice quiet engine now…:w00t:

Excellent! I knew it was the cam-chain tensioner. . . :smiley:

Nice one! Glad you sorted it. Those ZXR motors are very strong. :slight_smile: