zxr 750 fork oil?

I’ve just done my fork seals on my zxr 750 h1. The Manual doesn’t actually tell you how much oil should be inside each leg, more of a ‘level’. I guessed at 300ml per leg as i was in a rush and wanted to take it out again.:wink: Does any one know how much oil there should be in each leg?? :slight_smile:

The usual way with levels is to use something like a braising rod as a dip stick with a piece of tape or a file mark at the top to get the correct level plus, say 20 mm with another mark at that point.

Then it’s trial and error till you get the right match.

If you keep a carefull note of how much you put in (total), it makes future refills a lot easier.

Oh, it it’s not too critical. A few mils either side is generally o.k. (A bit over is slightly better than a bit under, as a rule of thumb.)

The right tool for the job…


It’s pretty easy to make one as well, you can get most of the bits you need from B&Q. Except the syringe :wink: makes the job really easy with one of these.


cheers guys:D

A length of clear plastic tubing and a strong clothes peg and a pair of lips does it for free;)