ZXR 400 L9 Header Pipes ?

Any advice gratefully received !
My Pipes are rotten. Snapped in half and put in the Bin. I’ve not had a ride all year. I’ve sent 3 sets back claiming they fit L9’s. They don’t. I stretched the 3’rd sets pipes apart further and forced them on with a Mallet only to find the flange was to far back:crying:. I was prepared to cut and drill the hanger bracket to suit, but the Can would been situated so a Pillion would have his foot on it.
Please correct any thing i say next coz i’m not sure. L9’S are European models and H9’s are Imports. I believe i’ve been getting the Imports. I think my seller wrongly thinks the Pipes fit both. Apart from Micron who are now bust, Deltaprovic (i think that’s close) are the only people that make them. That’s what i sent back 3 times. The same Pipes each time.
Does anyone know if they only do Imports? Does anyone else make them ? (Kawasaki want £650) I’ve tried loads of Breakers. Anyone knows of ZXR 400 specialists would be great to know.
Anything anyone can say on the subject would be great. My mates just went from a GSXR 600 to a Fireblade. I’m dieing to get out and Smoke him on the Corners ! Nothing better than takin a Big Bike out on a Corner on our Wee 400’s:D. Thanks !

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